Ulla's Page

Baby Wren! And W'en has a page!

Ulla went quietly into the void June 24th 2009 at the gentle hands of Dr. Hoff.
She had a nasty tumour in her mouth and was not having a good time.
She was a love and we are all missing her.

April 28, 1995 to June 24, 2009

"Spring" by Ulla, gouache on paper.

Acrylic on canvas by Rostam Aidun

Snap's Baby Girl
(not a dachshund)
Photo: Al Price

Wild Flowers by Ulla
Gouache on paper.

Christmas by Ulla
Gouache on paper & digital image. 

Nasturtiums by Ulla 7/06
Gouache on paper.

Dr. Van Fleet Roses by Ulla 10/06
Gouache on paper.

"Ulla Making a Poo"
Plaster on wire frame. 
Ulla von Meerschaum-Froslev
was a Standard Wirehaired Dachshund
who lived with Dorte Froslev
in Brackendale, B.C., Canada.

Ulla Puppy

Ulla and Mom say Goodbye.

 The Western Dachshund Club

Weiner Walk & Picnic

Not sure this was Ulla's favoutite annual event, perhaps just short of grooming, doing nails or a trip to the vet.

But we got to be creative together.
OK, I got to be creative.
And she didn't totally hate it...

It is the end of an Era.

2008 Senior Marathon Babe #495
"Funniest Costume"

Ulla à la Chanel 2007

Salvador Ulla and [his] Muse Gala [Vibby]
Best Costume Pair 2005

"Ulla" Bear caterpillar, 2004.

OK, so we didn't win anything this year. And you can see how happy Ulla is about that! Unimpressed with the amazing craftsmanship and ingenuity that went into all those little hands and feet. OK, so it isn't brightly coloured and most people do need to be told what it is. And it doesn't look all that different from Ulla without the costume. But that's the point:
woollybears look like Ulla!

"Ulla Mammoths"
Best Costume Pair

"Vibby and Ulla Go to the Beach" 1997

"Cinder-Ulla &
Her Fhairy Dog Mother"

"Workout Babes"
2001 First Runner Up

Ulla's First Costume 1995
and she has barked at baby carriages ever since.

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