Brackendale Eagle Monument Tower
& Eagle Aide Station

design by Henry Yorke Mann

Winter 2007:
Doors, Windows, Insulation

Eagle Aide Station

When hundreds of Eagles come to town, it is inevitable that some are injured during their stay.  Others, particularly juvenile birds, can be found starving because they lack the experience of their elders and because people all too often flush them out. When spooked eagles don’t feed.

Here at The Brackendale Art Gallery, we have responded to the need for a place to treat any sick or hurt eagles by constructing the Brackendale Eagle Aid station. The soon to be opened station will be manned by local vets who volunteer their time to treat the birds. Once stable the eagles will be sent to more establish rehabilitation centres in Nanaimo and the Lower Mainland.  An interpretive centre nearby will provide important information on bald eagles for all who are interested. 

The Eagle Aid Station is currently funded only by the Brackendale Art Gallery, so any assistance that helps us help the eagles is gratefully accepted. And call us if you find an injured or distressed eagle.

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