These courses are offered for adults but are also suitable for youth and require no previous experience.
Experienced artists will find them refreshing and challenging. Novices will find them surprisingly intuitive.

Registration and Payment:
Payment is required as soon as possible before the date of the class; at least a week in advance is preferred.
This is so that people on a waiting list can be notified or, if less than 6 people have registered, the class can be cancelled. 
The day of the class is, unfortunately, too late to do either of these so please register early and
drop off a check or call to make an arrangement for cash, credit card or debit payment.

Gift Certificates are available!

If you organize 8 to 10 people in a group, you get in for free!
And any of these classes can be specially scheduled for a group.

Past Guest Artist Workshops in the BAGSA Studio:

Christina Nick: Collage / Sketchbook Journal, March 2009
Eszter Burghardt: Oil Painting, Apr. 2009
Ian Fry: Acrylic, Feb. 2011
David Low: Oil Painting, Oct. 2011

Pat Robinson: Intuitive Watercolour, Jan., Apr. & Sept. 2012
Mike Sherlock: Wonderful World of Colour, Apr. 2012
Sophie Brunet:
Point Zero Painting 1, Dec. 2012
Mike Sherlock: Pen & Ink & Wash, Feb. 2013
Sophie Brunet and Adrian Juric: The Art and Nature of Inner Transformation: Exploring Change in Your Life, Feb. 2013
Sophie Brunet: Point Zero Painting 2, Mar. 2013
Christina Nick: Welding & Metal Art , Apr. 2013
Carol Roberts: An introduction to Visual Recording on a small portable scale;
for the traveler and as a meditation. Oct. 2015

Mike Sherlock Workshop
Colour Bias Wheel

Pat Robinson:
Intuitive Art Workshop
Finding images to develop in colour work such as this. This one is full of strange creatures!

David Low Workshop

Painting 1: Drawing on the Masters: Basic Colour Theory & Mixing. (2 day workshop)

This “forgery” is by a grade 11 art student using #2 school block paints as guache on 8"x10" manilla drawing paper.

Learn to draw precisely from an image (a great and classic drawing exercise) and to mix and match colours on the masterpiece of your choice.

You will surprise yourself. This student did!

Next offering TBA
Sat. & Sun. Workshop: 10 am to 4 pm
$130 includes materials.
Instructor: Dorte Froslev

This is the 5th in my series but, as with all the classes, it isn't necessary to have taken the others in order to benefit from this one. In this class you will choose a section of a laminated art card of a famous painting. You will systematically transfer it to 8"x10" paper using classic drawing methods. We will then do some basic colour theory and a colour exercise using gouache block paints.
(You'll be surprised what a nice medium it is when it is used correctly!)
Then you will paint your "forgery"!
I have many examples of student work to impress you and give you confidence.
I was often impressed at the ambitious choices students made, like the one shown, and the awesome results.

Drawing 1: Basic Perceptual Drawing
or Some ways to tell your left brain to just shut up!

Next offering TBA
$60 includes materials.
Instructor: Dorte Froslev

 This workshop is about seeing because drawing is about seeing- and believing what you see!
This is not a workshop in techniques or self expression. But if you draw a little or a lot (or not at all as yet!) and would like to improve, this should knock some frustration out of the process.

Drawing 2: The Classic Drawing Exercise, with a twist!

Next offering TBA
$60 includes all materials.
Instructor: Dorte Froslev

There is no object about which we have more misconceptions to overcome than the human head.
This workshop takes you through a process to get to know your own face very well indeed and much about faces in general.
This approach was developed over 32 years of teaching teenagers.
The drawings below left were done by grade 10 and 11 students as the final exercise of the unit.
I was always impressed by the results! You will be too!

Ann McCutcheon,
Drawing 2 July 12, 2008

Drawing 3: All About Contrast

Next offering TBA
$80 includes materials.
Instructor: Dorte Froslev

Our visual perception is designed to recognize contrast borders.
Tonal drawing is not about reproducing natural light and shade. It is about using tonal contrast to the best effect in order to create the illusion of three dimensions.
This workshop introduces a unique approach to contructing an observed image and using contrast to develop 3D effects. The exercise introduces a number of concepts such as line, shape, form, space, contrast, balance, focal point and composition,

Emma Walter

Fenella Brandvold

Drawing 4: Perspective & Other Tricks of the Trade
(Tonal Drawing & Composition)

Next offering TBA

$80 includes materials.
Instructor: Dorte Froslev

This is the 4th in my series but it isn't necessary to have taken the others in order to benefit from this one. Perspective needs to be understood in such a way that constructing with vanishing points and construction lines becomes unnecessary because most of the time your vanishing points are not anywhere near your paper or canvas.
Composition, some important terminology, perceptual drawing and tonal techniques will also be part of this brain-stuffing day.

M.C Escher

Dorte Froslev, B. Ed, M. A. (UBC) retired in June 2007 after teaching highschool Art in West Vancouver for 32 years.

"Some of my students work is in the examples above. My greatest joy was to have students excell beyond my abilities and their own expectations and to put their work on display."

Workshops are held in the beautiful teaching studio of the Brackendale Art Gallery.

Future Classes to watch for:

Workshops with Guest Artists!

 Future workshops: Printmaking 1, 2, 3 & 4: Etching, Lino, Collagraph & Stencil

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