The Casting Wall &
the Eagle Monument Tower

Become a member of THE CASTING WALL. Your life cast or that of a friend or relative can become a permanent part of the outer wall of
Immortality for just $100.
Immortality Brackendale Style

Since 1982 we have been casting faces to raise funds for our New Stage. The faces are cast in cement from plaster negatives and become part of The Casting Wall on the outside walls of the New Stage. The procedure of making the cast takes about 20 minutes and is safe and painless. The negative is then set into sand in a frame and cast in cement.

It's easy to become part of this project, on short notice or by appointment.
Gift Certificates are available.

On the Casting Wall are people who have donated money or services to the Gallery, long time patrons, and people who make all of our lives better by what they do. Along with the our architect friend, his wife and all three kids, the local plumber and our own family members, there are life casts of Valdy and Kathleen Horsdal, David Suzuki, his wifeTara and one of their daughters [with space reserved for the other], Paul Watson, Paul Horn, Rick Scott, Valarie Hennell and numerous West Coast artists. The youngest face on the wall is a five year old; the oldest is a woman in her 80's. There are over 100 faces on the wall to date.

There is a new opportunity to contribute to the growth of the Gallery! Construction of the
Eagle Monument Tower
is under way.
Materials are needed!
For $100 you can buy a beam and have your name or the name of your organization burned into the
Donor Display Beam.

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