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Richard was born into an artistic family. His father, Clyde Herrington, was a very talented painter who kept company with members of The Group of Seven. There were always art supplies in the Herrington household and Richard spent his childhood drawing, painting and assisting his father with his photography. He is a self-taught artist and has maintained a studio for over 30 years.

Richard spent his working life as a finishing carpenter and decorator. His decorating work can be seen in houses all over Vancouver, the most notable, the world famous Corkscrew Inn in Kitsilano.

This group of paintings started out as “The Green Dress” series inspired by a woman in a green dress who haunted his art studio on Fraser Street in Vancouver. It is a tragic story. Unbeknownst to Richard, his studio had formerly been a psychiatrist’s office and a young woman committed suicide in the office. She was wearing a green dress at the time. The woman in the green dress has evolved from a frightened, insecure girl wrapped in self-doubt to a beautiful and confident young woman. Richard’s technique evolved along with the woman in the paintings.

His skillful use of paint and texture and his hand crafted frames testify to an artist who has developed a unique style and a very high quality of work. Richard maintains a Bohemian artist studio in Kitsilano, Vancouver.

MAY 2019 @ the BAG
Sat. May 4 @ 8:00 pm $20 @ XOCO & the BAG
17th Annual Brackendale BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL

Woodshed Approach to Harmony Singing

The three-part vocal harmony is a fundamental part of bluegrass music. For many listeners, it's this distinct vocal styling that draws people to the genre. But do you know what's more fun than listening to vocal harmony? Singing!

Stardust Stringband is offering a harmony singing workshop as part of the 2019 Brackendale Bluegrass Festival. This workshop brings together ideas and techniques from the bluegrass vocal tradition, and demonstrates how to approach harmony singing with a group (though you don't need to bring a group to participate). The 'woodshed' approach is sitting down with your friends and a new song, and finding what works for your collective voices. We'll explore harmony techniques commonly used in bluegrass music while focusing on tone, blend, inversions, and vocal stacking.

STARDUST STRINGBAND occupies the sweet spot found somewhere between the vibrant energy of old-time music and the minimalism of golden-era country. On stage, Stardust gather around a single microphone to captivate their audience's attention with powerful playing and singing - bringing renewed energy into bluegrass, old-time and honky-tonk standards. Born in Vancouver's late-night Bluegrass scene, the band is made up of Sarah Clements (fiddle/vocals), Jamie Proctor (banjo/guitar/vocals), Dan Kovacek (mandolin/guitar/vocals) and Bert Clarke (keeping it steady on the bull fiddle while singing). Together, the group uniquely blends the lonesome harmonies of bluegrass with the melodic instrumentation of old-time music. Stardust Stringband has played on festival stages throughout British Columbia and they perform frequently in Vancouver.

OMIE WISE is a trio from Victoria who play country, folk, and old-timey music. Katie McIntyre, Lisa Feeney and Lydia Beauregard all share a love of harmony singing, from love songs to the inevitable murder ballad.

Sat. May 18 @ 8:00 pm $20 @ the BAG & XOCO
Dave Barber: banjo, mandolin and guitar, vocals
Kirby Barber: vocals, guitar and bass
Rob Becker: bass
Barney Bentall: vocals and guitar
Wendy Bird: vocals, guitar
Colin Nairne: guitar, mandolin and vocals
Shari Ulrich: vocals, fiddle and mandolin
Tom Taylor: vocals, guitar

Formed in the summer of 2010, the High Bar Gang has been bringing its unique take on old time bluegrass to the people of Western Canada. Vocal harmony is key to the band’s sound, and the band’s repertoire stays firmly rooted in the golden age of bluegrass music with songs by the likes of Bill Monroe, The Stanley Brothers and Del McCoury.

Highlights for the High Bar Gang include opening for Canadian music icons Blue Rodeo at Vancouver’s Malkin Bowl, and the many sold out shows they have played throughout Western Canada, including the prestigious Cedar Creek Winery Concert series and the Raven’s Cry Theatre in Sechelt. From the Brackendale Art Gallery and Victoria’s famous Butchart Gardens to Vancouver’s International Jazz Festival and San Francisco’s legendary Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, the band has built a solid reputation for their wonderfully upbeat brand of bluegrass and stories.

Their recording Lost and Undone: A Gospel Bluegrass Companion has had extensive airplay in Europe as well as North America, garnered several award nominations including three Canadian Folk Music Awards and won for Best Vocal Group. The summer of 2015 saw the band appearing at Vancouver Island Musicfest, Harrison Festival, West Vancouver’s Harmony Arts Festival and the Toronto 2015 Panam Games. In early 2016 the band recorded Someday the Heart will Trouble the Mind also nominated for a Juno Award.

Sat. June 1 @ 8:00 pm $20 @ the BAG & XOCO
This is Canadian Roots Music with a major make-over. Crack songwriting, brilliant and warped arrangements and stunning instrumental solos unite under the banner of a savvy eclecticism that's always been the band's guiding light. The Wheat in the Barley pulls together a lot of great influences into one package: Celtic, Slavic, French Canadian, Yiddish, Cajun and more. With an impressive array of instruments at their command, the band puts on a show that's as danceable as it is listenable.

This year, we are delighted to welcome our newest member of the group, our brilliant fiddler Micki-Lee Smith on violin and harmony vocals. Micki-Lee is a recent graduate of UBC's Music Faculty and a member of the National Youth Orchestra. Appearing with her will be all the usual suspects: Steve Gidora, guitars, mandolins and lead vocals, Victor Smith, accordion, whistle, flute, percussion and vocals, Mark Dowding, woodwinds, harmonica and vocals, and Mickey Hovan, bass and guitar. Amidst brilliant arrangements, the improvisation never stops — it’s like one big roller coaster with a great view of shifting musical terrain. No matter which style they choose, they have a particular shine that is instantly recognizable: Celtic Blues in Gypsy Shoes.

"With one foot in the tradition and the other somewhere in the future, The Wheat In The Barley keeps getting better and better. This is music to make you exercise both your feet and your brain!" Gary Cristall, Arts Management Artistic Director (1978 – 1994), Vancouver Folk Music Festival

"What do you have to do to follow and act like that? Set your beard on fire?" Valdy, Panorama Music Festival 2005



Sun. MAY 5, 7:30 – 10:00 pm:
Acoustic Jam @ the BAG
Rita Kyle: 604 898 1340

Wed. May 15th 6:00 – 8:00 pm
2nd Annual Don Ross Student Art Show


Council honours four exceptional community members
Freedom of the Municipality granted to Thor Froslev and Squamish Nation elders Gwem Harry, Bob Baker and Shirley Toman.


You may have heard that the Brackendale Art Gallery is for sale. Alas, it is true.
Thor is 85 with all that entails. It is time.
We are however very open to ideas and options we may not yet have heard or considered.
In the mean time it is business as usual!

Jan. 6, 2018 Chief Article by Melanie Green

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