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January 2022 Winter Eagle Count Results

is a documentary by filmmakers Laura Palka and Michael Hansen about that dream and the community it has created.
It is available on Vimeo: https:




2020 was quite a year! We thought we would be celebrating 50 YEARS SINCE THE DREAM BEGAN all year long, but that was not to be. Of all the scenarios we had thought of for taking the BAG into the future, being closed indefinitely for a pandemic was beyond imagining. 2021 is over and where we go from here no one knows.

Brackendale Art Gallery will not be open on weekends as we have in the past
but we do have events planned with

Facilities are available for Events, Meetings and Workshops
For bookings please contact Alex Badger

(The Times article is transcribed at the bottom.)


Another Summer of Free Outdoor Sunday Afternoon Concerts @ the BAG!
To all the wonderful LOCAL PERFORMERS who played for the joy of playing! To CAM SALAY for producing the series, CAROLYN GRASS for promoting the weekly lineup and TAUREAN LEGEBOKOFF for setting up the 'stage' every Sunday! And to the loyal audience for coming out through heat dome, rain or cold!

1. May 30: Perry Beckham and Michael Kilby
2. June 6: Georgia Lee Johnson
3. June 13: Cam Salay, Jordan Larson And Tess Mcnamara
4. June 20: Douglas Kerr Presents – El Camino Rust
5. June 27: Carolyn Grass & Friends

Also June 27:  SQUAMISH LIVE:: Douglas Kerr, Glen Mishaw, Cam Salay, Michael Kilby, Marcus Ramsay.

6. July 4: Erik Musseau & Jocelyn Pettit
7. July 11: Grant Boguski, Connor Haldenby, Ellie Brown, Cameron Larson & Cam Salay.
8. July 18: Deanna Drudge
9. July 25: Norman Foote,  daughter Maria Gabrielle & Gabe Da Costa

Also July 25: SQUAMISH LIVE: Almost Brothers with Will Ross

10. August 1: Marc Charron
11. August 8: Grant And Thea Boguski
12. August 15: Rita Kyle And Andy Drinnan. 

Also August 15: WIND @ THE BAG (Squamish Wind Festival):
• Dalannah Gail Bowen featuring Michael Creber
• Norman Foote featuring Jim Salmon and Maria Gabrielle
• Tsawaysia Spukwas
• Mario And Anne Iacovone (The Overcomers)
• Jane Mortifee featuring Bill Sample and Darlene Cooper
• And introducing Gabe Da Costa and Mat Bergeron

13. August 22: Ricky Rogoza
14. August 29 Rae Armour with Carolyn Grass. 

Also August 29:  SQUAMISH LIVE:: Bluesberry Jam Showband, Cat Madden

15. September 5 LOAM
16. September 12: Cowgirl Lovebrand: Samantha Sinanan, Antti Makitalo Liesl and Mark Shemko
17. September 19: The Salay Brothers Cam And Joe ( Sal ) Salay
18. September 26 Valdy (sadly cancelled due to weather)
19. October 3: Alex Badger
20. October 10: Jane Gillie
21. October 17: John Gothard
22. October 24: Catherine Mcinnes
23. October 31: Rae Armour

If you are local or following us on FB, you might know that every Sunday this summer from 3 to 4 pm there was live music from the deck (or sometimes the parking lot) here @ the BAG.
From March 29 to Nov. 1 we hosted 30 concerts! It started with Erik Musseau on bagpipes and a few passers-by and became a socially distanced COVID safe Mini Music Festival Every Sunday with many of your favourite local musicians! We also hosted two WIND FESTIVAL livestream events with the Squamish Arts Council featuring Lazy Ghost, Norman Foote and Jim Byrnes.

Sunday @ 3 Neighbourhood Concerts
1. March 29: Erik Musseau
2. April 5: Erik Musseau
3. April 12: Rita Kyle & Andy Drinnan
4. April 19: Erik Musseau
5. April 26: Caroline Grass & Ihor Zalubniak
6. May 3: Sam Sinanan, Liesl Petersen, Antti Makitalo
7. May 10: Erik Musseau and Aaron Lawton
8. May 17: Rita Kyle & Andy Drinnan
9. May: 24: Ian Brown
10. May 31: Cam Salay & Friends
11. June 7: Anne & Mario Iacovone
12. June 14: Cat Madden
13. June 21: Caroline Grass & Ihor Zalubniak
14. June 28: Cam Salay & Friends
15. July 5: Doug Brubacher
16. July 12: Erik Musseau, Aaron Lawton & Angus MacKay
17. July 19: Rick Regoza
18. July 26: Cam salay & Ellie Brown
19. Aug. 2: John Gothard
20. Aug. 9: Chad storm

Aug. 16 WIND FESTIVAL LIVESTREAM: Norman Foote with Jim Byrnes

21. Aug. 23: Rae Armour
22. Aug. 30: Bluesberry Jam Showband
23. Sept. 6: Rita Kyle & Andy Drinnan
24. Sept. 13: VALDY
25. Sept. 20: Angus Mackay & Chris Boysp
26. Sept. 27: Stephen Vogler
27. Oct. 4: Ian Brown & Mike Sherlock
28. Oct. 18: Sunday Jam with Rita Kyle
29. Oct. 25: Jim Piche
30. Nov. 1: Caroline Grass & Ihor Zalubniak with Rae Armour

THE TIMES of Squamish, Alta Lake & Pemberton
Vol. 16, No. 34, Third Section, Wed. Aug. 23, 1973

By Joy Daw

Brackendale Art Gallery result of lots of hard work,

Been looking for a place to tie up your horse while you look over a painting for sale or drink tea? Maybe you’d like to eat meat stew and a parsley bun and take in a short movie or listen to a folk singer. It’s all on the way (and more).The Brackendale Art Gallery and Tea House is coming on very nicely thank you with a lot of hard work by the gallery’s originator Thor and a little help from his friends, local kids, local carpenters and a local logger. Thor says everybody has been tremendously helpful and encouraging. “People come in and think I must be on some kind of grant but the building is coming out of my own pockets – and there’s holes in both of the,” he said. Thor chose Brackendale (just north of the Esso station) because he really likes the European village feel he finds there He is a Dane and visited European countries from the Mediterranean to the Baltic when working as a cabin boy after leaving school. He also worked as a logger in Sweden and did his apprenticeship as an upholsterer in Denmark before coming to Canada 15 years ago. Thor reels of the jobs he’s done in B.C., mostly in Vancouver – elevator operator, landscaper, bricklayer’s helper, shoe factory and sawmill worker, longshoreman.


But right now all his energy is going into the gallery. He has been planning the project for three years and started the actual building in the middle of May though he laid the foundations last fall. The building is 30 feet by 50 feet – 1,500 square feet on the lower gallery floor and the same on the upper floor which will be used for a living area and a craft workshop. The upper floors rest solidly on 20 14x14 foot fir pillars which too a trip to Japan as shoring for heavy machinery on a ship’s deck but have found their final resting place back in the woods. There’s a balcony to come and a bay window with a barn hoist (so that the piano, potters’ wheels, or anything can be taken upstairs) Big job ahead now for Thor and his helpers is splitting shakes and getting them on the roof (Workers welcome!) And inside? “The whole space will be very mellow, and amber colour,” Thor said. The Amber colour will be the real sun filtering through the south wall’s stained glass window on the stone and wood and people. And why the stained glass sun? “And why not? It’s beautiful – the sun. And the moon. And the cosmos. Then the conversation is back to the practical and the immensely positive nature of this man shines through again. No, he doesn’t know anything about stained glass. But he wants a stained glass window, so he and Vancouver artist, Mike Malcolm, who also knows nothing about stained glass, are going to make one. Mike Malcolm is one of the artists whose work Thor plans to exhibit. “He’s a visionary painter. He paints whatever comes into his head – just stays home and paints in his studio,” Thor said. Another Vancouver artist he is interested in is Louise E. Schmidt who does “incredible drawings.” “Right now she is into oils too,” he said. The Gallery will exhibit sculpture by Marshall Mar who makes small silver sculptures and by Joseph Caveno who does scientific sculptures. Caveno has an exhibition in Burnaby at present. Thor will travel around the B.C. coast, Vancouver Island [and] the Gulf Islands looking for paintings and sculpture he likes. He already plans to exhibit the work of Sayward artist Hette Fredrickson who does visionary paintings as well as her well-known portraits on cedar rounds. Collecting paintings and sculpture will be a good excuse to indulge in his first love – fly fishing. Thor was a founding member of the Totem Flyfishers, the first club of its kind in Vancouver. He’s a keen canoeist too, and helped start the Dogwood Canoe Club in Vancouver. Well it’s laughing time again and Thor is laughing at his own impetuousness in splurging on a Heintzman Boudoir grand piano for the gallery. John Blair, a Vancouver classical pianist will be up to play it. “It’s a piano that any really good piano player who walks in will just have to play.” Thor said.


There’ll be other instruments too – viola, guitar, alto flute – the mellow ones. A small stage is planned and Thor wants to have people singing, among them Cathy Payne and Dale Wilson of Vancouver. He is going to get National Film Board films and wants to have a projector ready to roll at any time. Furniture will be low stone walls and platforms for sculpture or sitting and lots of benches two feet by one foot and 16 inches high that can be used for seats or put together for tables or stacked to make floor space. Half the floor space upstairs is planned to be a pottery studio and Vancouver potter Ellen Juul will come from Vancouver to teach classes. A kiln? “We can build one outside or get or make one somehow.” As with everything else it’s “where there’s a will there’s a way philosophy.” The half acre site is really planned as one big gallery with outdoor sculpture in the wooded area and a playground of children’s sculpture planned by a group who built playgrounds at UBC and for the Vancouver free School. There’s a horse trough and a hitching post to come and a covered seat for hitchhikers already build into the fence. Commenting on the help given him by local people Thor said he felt really concerned about the kids “up here.” “They have nothing social to do. Some of them are just interested in motorbikes, the juke box and Coke. And it’s not their fault. These things have been brought in. Well, we are bringing in something different.” And the name of the gallery isn’t “Tomorrow” as you may think (like me) when you see the sign on the fence. “Tomorrow” says Thor, “is a lot of things. Yesterday is not here. You can live for today but there’s always tomorrow and what it may bring.” A very special tomorrow will be the opening of the gallery in October, maybe November. It’s a tomorrow that promises to be a good one for tourists and residents alike.

Caption to photo of Christine Hether (Kris) and Thor sitting on the “Tomorrow” sign:
Thor and Kris and friends are not usually sitting around. They’re busy working for the special tomorrow that will be the opening of the Brackendale Art Gallery and Tea House, probably in October.

Council honours four exceptional community members
Freedom of the Municipality granted to Thor Froslev and Squamish Nation elders Gwen Harry, Bob Baker and Shirley Toman.


It is time to take the BAG into a new era.
We are very open to ideas and options we may not yet have heard or considered.

Jan. 6, 2018 Chief Article by Melanie Green

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