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JUNE 2017 @ the BAG

Sat. June 10 @ 8:00 pm $20 @ XOCO & the BAG
The JUNO Award winning band, The Paperboys, have been delighting audiences around the world for nearly 20 years. Whether it's a big festival stage, or an intimate art gallery, these guys never fail to deliver a high energy set with their fusion of Irish, Mexican, and Roots Folk. At the heart of this band is the talent of Tom Landa, who writes and sings in both English and Spanish. Joining Tom are Geoffrey Kelly (Spirit of The West) on flute, Brad Gillard on bass and banjo, Kalissa Hernandez on fiddle, Sam Esecson on drums and Nick La Riviere on trombone. They are no strangers to The BAG and if you've not seen them yet, they are a must see band.

"It's like Guinness with a tequila chaser while listening to an Americana Jukebox… A place where Irish, Mexican and Roots music collide.” The Seattle Weekly

Sat. June 17 @ 8:00 pm $20 @ XOCO & the BAG
Justin Brown - Guitar/Bass
Jarrett Plett - Drums/Cajon
Thomas Beckman - Viola

Sons of Granville started as street performers in downtown Vancouver, earning a reputation for their intensity and showmanship. In late 2014 they released full-length album "Imperative Drive" epitomizing their time on the street. Guitarist Justin Brown joined the band in early 2015, and since, have gone on to operate as a music production unit, churning out songs, independent film scores as well as performing around Vancouver and at Squamish's Sea to Sky Gondola festival.

Sat. June 24 @ 8:00 pm $20 @ XOCO & the BAG
Chris Ronald with John Ellis & Mike Sanyshyn.

Chris Ronald’s “keenly luxuriant voice and immaculate songcraft” (The Georgia Straight) have won him many accolades including a nomination for “Songwriter of the Year” at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. Ronald emigrated from England to Canada in 2002, and his music has been described as Canadian folk with British roots. 2017 saw Ronald’s fourth album, Fragments, released on esteemed Canadian folk label Borealis Records. In live performance, Chris draws on his abilities as a highly skilled singer, storyteller and musician to deliver a captivating show.

John Ellis is an award-winning producer and multi-instrumentalist who flits effortlessly between guitar, dobro, mandolin, banjo, and more. He has worked with top Canadian talent and produced Ronald's CFMA-nominated Timeline album. The pair teamed up again to create Ronald's new Fragments CD and look forward to national and international touring to support the release.

Mike Sanyshyn has played fiddle in a dazzling array of situations from performing with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra to acting as musical director for the BCCMA awards. Mike was named BC provincial champion four times and placed in the top three at the Canadian Grand Masters Championship. A first call studio musician, Sanyshyn's fiddle features heavily on Ronald's new Fragments album.

All events by donation.

Fri. June 9 @ 7:00 pm: Salam Neighbour
A documentary Presented by Squamish Syria Refugee Response.

Two Americans head to the edge of war, just seven miles from the Syrian border, to live among 85,000 uprooted refugees in Jordan's Za'atari camp. As the first filmmakers allowed by the United Nations to register and set-up a tent inside a refugee camp, Zach and Chris plunge into the heart of the world's most pressing humanitarian crisis. From meeting Um Ali, a woman struggling to overcome personal loss and cultural barriers, to the street smart, 10-year-old Raouf, whose trauma hides just beneath his ever present smile, Zach and Chris uncover inspiring stories of individuals rallying, against all odds, to rebuild their lives and those of their neighbours.

Wed. June 14 @ 7:00 pm: Brackendale, Emily Carr Slept Here
A media presentation featuring Eric Andersen with guest readers including Ellen Grant.
Emily Carr is our feature artist is June.

Emily Carr (1871-1945) is the most renowned artist British Columbia has produced. In May-June 1933, Carr made a few weeks’ visit to Brackendale, exploring up to Lillooet by train. This was an important trip for Emily Carr. She was exploring new themes and techniques in her painting – taking on the challenge of our mountains. The story of her Brackendale visit, her connections with Group of Seven artists, and Squamish Nation and settler families here, and the works resulting from the trip are of great interest for interpreting here life and career as an artist, and our Squamish Valley history.

Sun. June 18 @ 7:00 pm: The Unofficial Trial of Alexandra Morton
A film by Scott Renyard, presenter. Gyotaku prints by Alex Morton

The crash of 19 stocks of Fraser River sockeye over a 15 year period finally forced the Canadian Government to close all fishing from 2007 to 2009. It looked like Fraser river sockeye populations were going extinct. The Canadian Government, desperate for answers, or at least looking for a way to deflect criticism, struck an inquiry led by justice Bruce Cohen that would cost nearly 30 million dollars and last over a year. Whistleblower biologist, Alexandra Morton, through her research and publications defines a case that the problem is disease coming from open net pen fish farms. During her testimony, the inquiry looked more like an inquisition as government and industry lawyers try to intimidate and muffle the independent scientist.

Scott Renyard is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with a background in science. He blends his foundation in science with a love of art and storytelling through film, creating documentaries that address environmental issues. Renyard spent the better part of a year recording the Cohen Commission on The Decline of the Fraser River Sockeye, perhaps the first time an independent filmmaker has had such access to a Canadian Federal Inquiry. From this footage, his two feature-length documentaries, The Unofficial Trial of Alexandra Morton and Trial of an Iconic Species, are surprisingly intense and rival the twists and turns of classic courtroom dramas.

Sun. June 25 @ 7:00 pm: RiverBlue
Presented by Roger Williams, Mark Angelo and Rob Bell-Irving

RiverBlue discovers the toxic side effects of textile production and jean manufacturing on some of the world's largest rivers. Traveling from tanneries along rivers in India, to some of the largest jean manufacturing factories in China, renowned river advocate and paddler, Mark Angelo guides us on an unprecedented around-the world journey by river to reveal the dark side of the global fashion industry.


Sun. June 4, 7:30 – 10:00 pm :
Acoustic Jam @ the BAG
Rita Kyle: 604 898 1340

Tues. June 20, 7:30 By donation.
Overcomers: An Evening of Worship Music
with Mario & Anne Iacovone

Sun. June 11, 6:30
Cam Salay Student Concert


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