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JANUARY 2018 @ the BAG

32nd Annual Brackendale
Winter Eagle Festival & Count 2018

Still to come!

Sat. Jan. 27  Tickets at BAG & Anna's Interiors

Like the Eagles- VALDY returns!
with The Valdy Eagle Band

$35 (7 pm) with dinner
(Caesar Salad, Salmon Bisque & Dessert)
or $20 (8 pm) concert only. 

Sun. Jan. 28 at 7 pm (by donation)
Natural World Lecture Series 3:
BOB TURNER: Salmon and Anchovy:
Nature’s Keystones in Atl’kitsem /Howe Sound

Dr. Bob Turner, is a geologist, citizen scientist, long time resident of Kwilakm/Bowen Island, and since retirement, amateur film maker (search YouTube for Bob Turner, Howe Sound). Bob will present and discuss two short films: the 2017 Pink Salmon run, and a second on how anchovy have attracted whales, birds, and sea mammals to local marine waters. Both salmon and anchovy are critical keystones in Atl’kitsem/Howe Sound’s interdependent web of life.

Bob has been a resident of Bowen Island since 1989 and was its mayor from 2005-2011, during which time he led the community through its deliberations about a National Park on Bowen Island. In 2014 he retired after 25 years as a geological scientist with Natural Resources Canada. Bob is an educator at heart and with the federal government he co-authored popular geological guides to the Vancouver area: the two best known are the books Vancouver, City on the Edge, and Sea to Sky GeoTour - Geology and Landscapes Along Highway 99 from Vancouver to Whistler.

In 1991, Bob had led organization of the Howe Sound Environmental Science Workshop, a 3 day scientific meeting reviewing the state of Howe Sound’s environment. After retirement, he refocused on his great passion – the Howe Sound area, which he has explored for decades. He began making videos about Howe Sound as a way to share his knowledge about its wild beauty and biological richness, and the unique opportunity we have to protect this remarkable seascape so close to Vancouver. His films, all available on YouTube, profile a variety of subjects: areas threatened by logging on Gambier Island and gravel mining at McNab Creek estuary, a kayak trip with his brother throughout Howe Sound, how recently-arrived giant schools of anchovies have supported the resurgence of marine mammals, his brother’s wild encounter with a sea lion and orcas, and recent chum and pink salmon runs.

Bob has played a leadership role in the efforts to protect Howe Sound. In the past several years he has given 10 public talks promoting conservation of Howe Sound, and 2016 he joined the team to nominate Howe Sound as a UNESCO Biosphere Region. He was also a principal contributor to the Vancouver Aquarium’s OceanWatch Report for Howe Sound, completed in 2017, that brought together our collective knowledge about the current state of Howe Sound. He recently received the 2017 Community Stewardship Award from the Islands Trust for this work.

February 2018 @ the BAG

Fri. Feb. 2 @ 8:00 pm   $20 @ the door.
Linda Melsted - violin
Natalie Mackie - viola da gamba
Michael Jarvis – harpsichord

The King’s Radio: Music for Louis XIV’s Chambers
• Jean-Marie Leclair (1697-1764): Ouverture, Op.13                                    
• Marin Marais (1656 -1728): Trio pour le coucher du Roi: Suite in g minor
• Joseph-Barnabé Saint-Sevin, dit L′Abbé le Fils (1727–1803): Deuxième Suite d’Airs d’Opéra, for two violins
• François Couperin ‘le Grand’ (1668 - 1733): from Les Nations: Premier Ordre ‘La Françoise’                          
• Couperin: La Sultane                                                                                     
• Leclair: Deuxième Récreation en Musique, Op.8

La Modestine steps into the Sun King’s private chambers to perform sumptuous French baroque music in celebration of the 350th birthday of François Couperin, the greatest of French baroque composers.

La Modestine is a chamber music ensemble formed by four fine west coast musicians with a love of playing music of the 17th and 18th centuries together. The members bring a wealth of international experience to playing this enchanting repertoire on period instruments.

Sat. Feb. 10   8 pm   $20 at BAG or Anna’s Interiors

Locarno is the Latin project of Juno award winning musician and PAPERBOYS frontman, Tom Landa. The music (great for dancing!) is part Mexican but with strong doses of Cuban Son, Folk Music, Pop and Funk.  The band has honed in on this sound and incorporated more influences such as music from Columbia, African Sukous, Mexican Marimba Music, Venezuelan Joropo and Brazilian Forro Music. Perhaps where the band shines the most is in the live shows which features Tom Landa on jaranas and guitars, Kalissa Landa on violin, Robin Layne on marimba, congas and timbales, Pedro Mota on guitar an vocals, Aaron McKinney on bass, Liam MacDonald on drums, congas and pandero, Mark D’Angelo on trumpet and Nick La Rivere on trombone.

Sat. Feb. 17   8 pm   $20 at BAG or Anna’s Interiors
Veteran dulcimer ace and young keyboard maverick join forces for an intergenerational smorgasbord of roots, rhythm and groove!

What do you get when you combine a famed folkie with a rising star, a dulcimer master with a young keyboard maverick, old school groove with Broadway chops? Rick Scott and Nico Rhodes blur all boundaries between seasoned expertise and youthful exuberance in this dynamic and engaging theatrical concert.

Their collaboration has been decades in the making. Nico wrote Rick a fan letter at age 8, then grew up to orchestrate Rick’s music for symphony at age 23. Equally proficient on keyboards and woodwinds, Nico is in constant demand as arranger and musical director for stage shows from Chemainus to Ontario, when not playing jazz with his own trio and or touring as pianist with internationally renowned chanteuse Joelle Rabu (who happens to be his mother).

Since emerging in the ‘70s in iconic folk trio Pied Pumkin, Rick has released 18 recordings and performed his lively original music in nine countries, earning three Juno nominations and Vancouver Island, Western Canadian and Canadian Folk Music Awards. Singer, songwriter, actor and raconteur, he is legendary for his capacity to combine music and humour to uplift and refresh the human spirit.

Sun. Feb. 25   7:30 pm   By donation
A riveting tale of the environment, bears, First Nations, a search for identity, and eco-violence.     

Bjorn is a child of First Nations origin adopted into a white family. He sets out to explore his roots and grows radicalized through exposure to the historical ordeals of First Nations peoples. From an early age he feels emotionally drawn to bears and the cryptic messages he believes they offer him. Gradually they come to represent to him the wisdom of Nature and environmental preservation. Bjorn grows determined to confront the recklessness of corporate plans to send supertankers through the treacherous channels of the Great Bear Rainforest. Circumstances bring him in close proximity to the chief executive of the pipeline and tanker corporation. Bjorn is torn about how to use his possible influence and rapport with the COO in a situation of growing psychological tension that ends in deadly confrontation. The novel reflects First Nations experience and lore, the mythical relevance of ancient bear worship in Russia and a cosmic vision of the place of bears in the world.

 Graham E. Fuller is a former senior CIA operations officer and a top strategic analyst. He lived and worked in the Muslim world for nearly two decades. He is the author of a dozen books on the Middle East and Islamic fundamentalism. His first novel was Breaking Faith: a novel of espionage and an American’s crisis of conscience in Pakistan. This is his second novel, this time turning his sights to environmental issues in British Columbia. He lives in Squamish, BC.


Art of the Natural World continues.
Eagles, First Nations Carvings, Emily Carr plus Gallery Artists.


Sun. Feb. 4, 7:30 – 10:00 pm:
Acoustic Jam @ the BAG
Rita Kyle: 604 898 1340

Tues. Feb. 27 (please note),  7:30   By donation.
Overcomers: An Evening of Worship Music
with Mario & Anne Iacovone

March 17: Thor’s 85th Birthday Celebration (BD 03/15, Details TBA)
March 31: The PAPERBOYS!
April 21/22: Sea To Sky Singers Spring Concert

You may have heard that the Brackendale Art Gallery is for sale. Alas, it is true.
Thor is 84 with all that entails. It is time.
We are however very open to ideas and options we may not yet have heard or considered.
In the mean time it is business as usual!

Jan. 6 Chief Article by Melanie Green

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